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September 30, 2013:
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House Theft

Various fraud schemes are used to take away houses. Many of them involve contracts with homeowners, but some involve fraudsters from purported religious organizations who "sell" houses to their members, who may move into vacant homes and change the locks. For some reason, police have a hard time evicting non-owners from the homes.

What is Home Theft?

How Scammers Steal Houses from Homeowners

Home theft happens when con artists use stolen identities and forged documents to falsify the sale or purchase of a home. This is either done with vacation properties, rental homes, with vacant houses (including those of family members moved into assisted living facilities) and even in homes where the owners live. ID fraud and documents from office supply stoes are all it takes in some instances for people to assume ownership of your home, get a mortgage on it, and collect the proceeds, leaving you with a foreclosure notice. Home theft is a new form of identity fraud, but it is very lucrative because of the money involved.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Home fraud scams come in many different types. If you suspect fraud, contact your local police.